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Acting Stuff Moderator: admin
A place to sound-off about everything actor related.
7 422

Advertise Yourself Moderator: admin
A place for actors, directors, producers, tech people, etc. to post resumes.
22 45670

Audition Notices Moderator: admin
Post a notice here, or a link to your theatre's website for audition notices.
50 216071

Directing Stuff Moderator: admin
A place to sound-off about everything director related.
1 126

Done Moderator: admin
Funny Theatre Stories Moderator: admin
Or even strange ones.
2 18

NJTL Stuff Moderator: Nikki
A place to discuss everything related to NJTL, like festivals, board issues, goals, wish lists, compalints, and kudos.
5 536

Sets, Props, Costumes Moderator: admin
Got a question about any of these things? Have to find or build something difficult? Here's the place to talk about it.
3 110


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