New Jersey Theatre League (NJTL) New Jersey Theatre League (NJTL)
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Incorporated in 1950 with the purpose of "binding together the non-professional theatre groups for mutual aid and advancement, and the stimulation of public interest in their activities", the League expanded its role over the years to include all theatre organizations, and has developed more specific goals. And yet the original purposes are as important today as they were 50 years ago.

The League has seen dynamic years and lean years. We are now attempting to bolster the membership, activities, and services so we don't slip into the mid-1980's situation, when operations were suspended due to insufficient volunteer leadership.

The League can be an important resource and voice for theatre groups. Newsletters, club schedules, costumes and props availability "bank", technical help, script library, workshops and seminars, expanded Festival, and perhaps day-long conferences are all possibilities. But volunteer help and a larger roster of theatre groups must be attracted.

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