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NJTL returns..
Have you missed it as much as I have?
Do you remember to Competitions…Travels to Delaware… the friends we made through ESTA?
I invite you to join me as we resurrect the New Jersey Theatre League.

“Whereas a statewide organization will stimulate the growth of theatre groups and assist them to develop and improve, and whereas these groups may make a more effective contribution to the development of the drama and cultural life of the people, an association of theatres in the state of New Jersey is established”

That’s the preamble of the NJTL when it was first established in 1950, headed up by Ferris King, husband of Haddonfield Plays Players long time President and Director Pat King.

So where has been?
Let’s not ask where it has been…but where can it take us!!!
We Invite you to join myself Mark Karcher, long time participant as an actor and director of NJTL, Rich Curcio, also former participant; Patti Keefer-Billow former NJTL Treasurer, Dan Boris, former NJTL Stage Manager and Time Keeper, and Pat Mangano President of Sketch Club Players to bring back the NJTL in all its glory!!!

When: February 25 2017
Time: 10-1pm
Refreshments will be served.
Where: The Burlington County Footlighters, directions available at their website
It would be great if a rep from each of the NJ theatre groups can attend. Non-group theatre individuals are also welcome.

Please RSVP to Mark Karcher @

Our Agenda is quite simple.
To reintroduce the NJTL to the New Jersey Theatre community.
Who it was… and who it can be…
There will also be representatives from ESTA (Eastern States Theatre Association) to welcome us back
And reintroduce our theatre community to ESTA.

I look forward to meeting everyone! Please mark your calendar Feb 25, 10am!!!